Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The University of Arizona was the first in Tucson to realize the value of ultrasound in  diagnosing obstetrical, gynecologic, abdominal and pediatric abdominal problems. Since the early 1970's we have offered sonograms performed by trained sonographers and perinatologists and were among the first units in Tucson to receive accreditation from the American Institute of  Ultrasound in Medicine. There are now four registered diagnostic medical sonographers on staff with experience in high risk obstetrics, general obstetrics and gynecologic exams. We hope that each exam is a rewarding and informative experience for all individuals involved. 

Resident Teaching

The learning of effective diagnostic ultrasound is a long-term experience. Only by continuous exposure is the resident going to see all aspects of intrauterine abnormalities. The residents are introduced to ultrasonography during the first two months of the residency and each year for the next three years. Residents at all levels on all rotations sonogram their patients under faculty supervision and become very adept at ultrasonographic diagnosis. 

The formal learning begins in July and August of each year with a miniseries to all residents. The topics include the physics of ultrasound,  obstetrical and gynecologic endovaginal techniques. A monthly conference is held to discuss the genetic and perinatal involvement of abnormal ultrasound cases. Each resident, therefore, performs ultrasound on his/her patients under the supervision of a faculty.  

To schedule an appointment for an ultrasound call (520) 694-6010 and our courteous scheduling coordinators will assist you.