About the U of A

The University of Arizona (UA) - home to pioneers, innovators and creators. We aren't afraid to ask bigger questions, to get better answers.

Our School

Established in 1885, The University of Arizona, Arizona's first university is home to two medical schools: The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson and The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix. A land-grant university, The University of Arizona covers over 380 acres throughout the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Classified as a public land-grant university, we are consistently ranked as a top public university and receive over $500 million annually in research funding. Here you will discover we are equipping our students with new opportunities, pioneering programs and advancing learning environments. 

Our Students

We join students from 150 different countries to stand out from the rest. Equipped with skills, knowledge, experience and the entrepreneurial spirit they gain at the UA, our students become highly skilled members of society who lead with determination and innovate without limits. Known as the Arizona Wildcats our athletes compete in the NCAA Division I -  Pac 12 Conference and have won multiple National Championships in: men's basketball, baseball, softball and swimming. Our alumni include award winnners; scholars; Nobel scientists; authors; public servants and professional athletes. 

Our Faculty

A leader in cutting edge research and exploration ventures, our faculty in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory collaborates with NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and others in frontier space exploration missions such as the Phoenix Mars Mission and OSIRIS-REx - the first U.S. sample-return mission to a near-earth asteroid, launching September 2016. The University of Arizona is awarded more NASA grants for space exploration than any other university. The Biosphere 2 - the largest closed ecosystem also calls Arizona home; Biosphere 2 leads research projects including terrestrial water cycle, ecology and climate change. Our faculty includes members of esteemed national academies, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, White House Champions of Change, and celebrated thought leaders in numerous disciplines. 

Our Motto

Before UA student body president and revered football quarterback John "Button" Salmon died in 1926, his last words to his teammates were, "Tell them ... tell the team to bear down." Whether it's academics, athletics, or research, we've adopted the stance that when the going gets tough, the tough #BearDown.


About the University of Arizona