Employee Q&A: Arizona Pregnancy Riskline Director Dee Quinn

Name: Dee Quinn

Position: Director of the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline

Number of years at the UA: 23

Favorite thing about working at the UA: Living in Tucson ... and the people that live here are the same people I work with. It's a nice community to work with.

Favorite children's book: I have tons of those. Probably "Where the Wild Things Are."

Dee Quinn spent much of her life on the East Coast before she came to Arizona more than two decades ago to continue doing the type of work she began out there. 

She grew up on New York's Long Island and lived in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut before coming here. 

Quinn, a genetic counselor by training, co-founded a pregnancy risk hotline in Hartford, Conn., that pregnant women could call to discuss concerns regarding their unborn children.

She helped start a similar service in Arizona. The Arizona Pregnancy Riskline is housed in a small corner office tucked into the back of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, which is run by the UA's College of Pharmacy.

For most of the time since its inception, the Pregnancy Riskline has been accessible during normal office hours five days a week, staffed by two people including Quinn. But budget cuts have left Quinn as the sole operator, three days a week.

Despite the reduced hours, Quinn says she finds the work immensely rewarding. She recently took time to talk to Lo Que Pasa about what she does.

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