Dr. William A. Meyer Jr. Provides Service, Educational Outreach in Africa

William A. Meyer Jr., MD, has been volunteering his expertise in Africa since 2004. He soon will return to Eritrea, in the Horn of Africa, to join colleagues in providing surgeries and educational outreach. This will be his third visit to Eritrea since June 2011.

Dr. Meyer, clinical associate professor at the UA Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, was inspired and mentored by Catherine Hamlin, MD, an Australian-born doctor who traveled with her physician-husband to Ethiopia in the late 1950s and soon after began providing surgeries on the many women they met who had holes or fistulas in their bladders from obstructed labor. After visiting with Dr. Hamlin and observing 80 operations in Ethiopia, Dr. Meyer was invited to serve in northern Nigeria as one of four international volunteers on a Campaign to End Fistula. The group operated on 565 women in 14 days in what Dr. Meyer describes as simply the most intense surgical experience of my life.

And it was only the beginning. Since that campaign, he has served with his colleagues on four more occasions in Nigeria, traveled again to Ethiopia, and worked in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia.  Read full story ...